When Maria left her role as Executive Producer of BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live to become Head of Programmes at Wise Buddah, Saturday Live poet Elvis Macgonagall summed her up on air in rhyme.

Ave Maria

How d’you describe a producer like Maria?

How d’you paint a picture of a radio star?

Pulling all the wires with a golden touch    

She’s the sine qua non, she’s the je ne sais quoi

She’s mighty fine, more mighty than the mightiest boosh

She’s ‘Saturday Live’ all over

She’s got more zap than Maria Von Trapp

More oomph than Maria Sharapova

Sing it loud and there’s music playing

(That ain’t Maria Callas, it’s Siouxsie Sioux)

Say it soft to the Beeb – she ain’t staying

She’s bound for a Buddha and bidding adieu

So as the punk rock vicar of Nibley

Takes her farewell bow

Suddenly a Saturday will never seem the same

And heaven knows we’re miserable now

Oh I could write her an endless sonnet

Wax lyrical right round the bend

But Maria likes a rhyme to be finished on time

Just a minute.  That’s it.  The end.

Elvis Macgonagall 24.5.2008


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