20070212_puremarshalldabradioOver 90% of people in Britain tune in to radio every week.  It inspires huge loyalty in its listeners.  But with the coming of podcasts and internet radio, the landscape is changing fast.

Maria is an Executive Radio Producer, who has produced content for all BBC Radio networks.

At BBC Radio 1 she specialised in speech and music programming, commissioning all the network’s documentaries.  In 2008 she won Sony Gold for her work on Saturday Live at BBC Radio 4.  As Head of Programmes at Wise Buddah she oversaw content for broadcasters from CBeebies and Radio 2 to Kerrang! radio.  Maria also recently oversaw all BBC Radio content for Sport Relief 2014.

In a fiercely competitive radio world, Maria can help you to:

  • Run big broadcasting projects
  • Develop proposals and lead pitches
  • Build relationships with commissioners
  • Come up with innovative new ideas
  • Advise on editorial issues
  • Create award-winning radio.

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